"The collection is an invitation for those who want to embody “the artist” that exists within. The Studio is a place where art and life entwine and those who enter can escape the demands of everyday life to focus on themselves and their craft. The Studio is an environment for women to feel confident and partake in fashion for themselves. The garments are designed to help exude a dramatic feeling while referencing common garments such as smocks and aprons that are typically worn by an artist of some kind."
Our vision was to create a setting that reflected "the artist's" workshop and so a muslin backdrop and floor were chosen.
The draping of the muslin was used to complement the movement of the fabric as it laid across the model's body.
The chosen natural light acted as a natural softener and changed position as the day continued, furthering the theme of an artist's lingering work day.
As much as the photo shoot was documentary and commercial, the goal was to imbue the photos with the designer's creativity and style.
Photography: Alexander Pidzamecky
Hair and Makeup: Andrea Ma
Styling: MC Joyin Rey

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