As part of our curriculum, our team was briefed by RIMOWA to create and pitch a new product that brought the company into the future while maintaining brand heritage. We developed a unique collaboration between RIMOWA & LEGO resulting in RIMOBRICK. Upon deliberation, our team received honorable mention and placed as first runner-up.
Executive Summary
The "RimoBrick" collaboration, a partnership between Rimowa and Lego, is not only a dynamic
and innovative product offering but also a strategic business endeavor. For Lego, this
collaboration is projected to yield significant results, contributing $47,716,644 in annual
revenue, which constitutes 11.9% of the current Lego annual revenue. Similarly, for Rimowa, the
collaboration is expected to generate $76,050,520 in annual revenue, making up 16.0% of
Rimowa's current annual revenue.

Our primary objective is to introduce "RimoBrick" as a groundbreaking product line that
combines the iconic Lego brick design with Rimowa's dedication to quality and craftsmanship.
We aim to position this collaboration as an attractive and distinctive offering in the market. For
millennials who grew up playing with Legos as children, this collaboration between Rimowa and
Lego is a product that will appeal to their fun memories of Legos.

Our target audience encompasses a broad spectrum, including luxury travelers, business
professionals, fashion enthusiasts, children, parents, and adult Lego fans. The collaboration aims
to engage fashion-forward families, collectors, and those who appreciate innovative design.
The "RimoBrick" collection ranges from $350 to $4000, ensuring accessibility to a diverse
customer base. It includes luxury suitcases to be sold by Rimowa, as well as an innovative Lego
carrier suitcase to be offered within the collaboration by Lego.

Our marketing strategy leverages a comprehensive marketing mix, encompassing imagery and
cartoon film ads disseminated through both offline and online channels. Public relations
initiatives will involve a joint lookbook, and sales promotions will highlight exclusivity. The
collaboration aims to enhance brand visibility and market expansion.
Within the market, the "RimoBrick" collaboration positions itself as a unique offering,
capitalizing on the iconic Lego brick design, quality construction, and the reputation of both
Rimowa and Lego.

As we move forward, we have allocated resources to ensure the successful launch of the
"RimoBrick" collaboration. We are committed to making strategic investments that support the
marketing, production, and distribution of our products.
The implementation of our business plan will be carried out through collaboration with Lego,
leveraging their expertise in the design and production of Lego products. Our distribution
channels will include exclusive pop-up shops, airport retail locations, online platforms, and
flagship stores.

The "RimoBrick" collaboration represents a unique and compelling venture that bridges the
strengths of Rimowa and Lego and will create a combined revenue of $ 123,767,164. Our
commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in this dynamic product offering. We aim
to drive market expansion, enhance brand visibility, and create a lasting impact in the industry.
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