CADA Foundation approached me to create a website to host their new resources and act as the central touchpoint for their organization. In our discussions, we agreed upon a minimalistic design with few images, concise text, and orange accents which have always been part of CADA's color story. The goal was to create the easiest viewing experience for visitors and highlight the important resources and work of the organization.
"CADA Foundation, is a source academic platform for local artisans, designers, anthropologists and suppliers– facilitating the creation and distribution of artisanal work in local and global markets in a way that is respectful of the cultural and historical richness of craft, and the different communities’ willingness to participate in the exchange."
A large portion of their website acts as a hub for external resources that are extremely important in aiding artists. Therefore, clear synopses and access points are crucial to indicate where visitors can find more information. 
Additionally, as the major target audience of CADA are indigenous artist groups in Mexico, it is important that a Spanish version of the site was created with simple navigation to be more accessible to individuals without frequent online experience.
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